जापान मा जीवन

Scholarship Program

We are offering 20% tuition discount to students who satisfied;

  1. No tardiness and no absense;
  2. Good performance, attitude in the classroom, and good score in small tests and final exam;
  3. recommendation from instructors or tutors.

Part-time Job

You can work at a part-time job 28 hours a week after you getPermission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Grantedfrom immigration bureau.

You will be permitted 8hours working per a day on school vacation.


We will offer domitory for the first 6months when you enrolled in our school. After the 6months, you will have to find an apartment for yourself. We will assist you to find the apartment and will be able to be a guarantor to make a leasing contract.