ESL lab Japanese Language School, Nagoya

How do you select Language School?
The above is the comparison chart that show how much our school students passed NLPT.
Those are the real number of year 2016 for each school.
Our students mark more than double of other school students!
More than half of the students pass N3.
As for N2, other school students are usually less than 10%, but our school students is almost 40%.
N2 holders are more than triple!
You can imagine how great our school performance is.
There are a lot of factors to choose a Japanese Language School.
The school performance is a must think.
Do you want only to stay Japan?
Or, do you want to study Japanese and stay Japan?
Priority is up to you.

The motto of our school is to make the learning space more enjoyable.
We are accepting study abroad students from all over the world.
You can choose floor on the Street View to check school facilities.